Hello dear Mig33 Users,

Namastay. Do you love Mig33? Off-course like i do. Are you enjoying Mig33 at your own level or just compromising with Foreign system ? Why to compromise if you can use Mig33 in your own way ? With such Concepts we released Npmig33 Version and this official website. Here we can directly be in touch with our beloved users and try to get at their expectation. So far, Within some matter of days we got good popularity and we are hoping in future too and we promise we will never disappoint you guys.

Npmig33 stands for Nepali community over Mig33. Npmig33 is started with some features like free SmS to Nepal. Soon we will have international too. Level, Profiles, Points, Admin finder, Staff finder, Avatar sex changer, Make age in minus, Admin/Mod tool, Auto reply, Easy advertise and many more.

We aim to release some great features soon keeping Mig33 in up level. Hereby I would like to inform Npmig33 is no way associated to harm Mig33 and please donot expect wrong tools from us. Either the user will loose membership from Npmig33 tools. With the release of website we have maintained our blog at http://npmig33.com/blog , our forum http://npmig33.com/forum and our wap pages http://wap.npmig33.com .Please browse this page to stay updated with us.

Thank you.

Author: pradeep

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