Before starting php. Important Things

What is php ?
php is one of the programming languages. It is mostly used in web things.

Many peoples get confused on how to start learning php? If you want to study all theories and be theoritical then that doesnt
entertain. The best way of learning is practically. For that you can make concepts and edit pre existing php codes.
Before long years this was also one of my question. I tried to learn php browsing via google for about six months but i
got nothing.Since i was working with java(j2me) previously. One company offered me to make a mobile game which sends
high scored to php page and save it in database and display in that mobile game. Well, this was the day i actually got
something useful meaning of php. I browsed source codes of others and edited them and learnt many thing. And some days later i was
able to develop concepts in my mind. We dont need to memorize the syntaxes but at least you should know what operations and actions
they perform? Because we can find syntax anywhere and making software/ websites is something practical not theory exams.

* Some questions in mind? As a begineer i had one question. Html pages run in my browser but why not php ?
Well we need to install server softwares in our local machine since the php codes runs in servers. For that you can download
xampp server, wamp server. You can browse this keywords in google and download necessary softwares. After you install run the
server and you can access any web php page in localhost.

* I have php page, how can i make it online to the world?
Well there are few things to start with it. Domain, web hosting etc. Domain is unique name. Suppose it is like your appearance.
Web hosting is the place where we store our files. Suppose it is like your brain, heart etc.
Every webhosting has name servers. While registering domain we provide name server and anyone who browse that domain will
see the files of web hosting in which the name servers are set. For example is my domain. While registering
i supplied my server’s hosting name servers., Now you typed this url and name server
forwarded you to my web hosting where i have my any kinds of files.
There you need a domain and hosting account. For trials you can register in and for hosting, use free hostings like
000webhost (dot) com. Freehostia (dot) com & etc. Upload them in your web hosting and they will be seen worldwide via the domain.

* Some extra tips.
– As we go on developing the code they get more buggy since the code expands. So make different pages and include them whereever
you need it. For example you need to connect to database in 2 php files? So make one extra php file which have database connection
codes and include them in rest of 2 php pages using simple commands like include ‘db.php'; . This help to keep code neat and
good human understandable and less bugs.
– While doing anything new. Changing codes, updating etc. Be sure you have old perfect backups. Else if you faced a error
in middle and you cant solve it then you get dippressed. Trust me i got many  times. So make backups.
– Use good softwares like dreamweaver, web expression, frontpage etc which have ctrl+z working. They will make you more smart
then normal notepad.
– Every error you face means you learn more. Since google is there just type the error in google and you get solution.
Solve it and go on developing and if any more? Google is there.
– Please donot expect to be a programmer in 1 night? Thats preety non sense. Try working with codes gain some ideas, experiences
and have a bit patience. If you give regularity to this things daily you will gain a lot in a month.
– Always have algorithms setup on rough sketches or in your mind to reduce puzzles and bugs. Every new thing we do is we add bugs so
be careful.
– Experiment more means learn more. So give your good time.

Hope This helped you. I will love to see some peoples making good scripts beginning from my blog :) This tips are enough to make you smart.
Best of luck.

Author: pradeep

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