Nepali Date converter mobile software (Updated)

With the release of my new personal website( i thought up to provide one free necessary software.
Since i have already made mobile games and will release them timely with some useful contents, competitions and rewards.
As a first try i made date-converter version 1.0. This version might get updated with new features according to audience response. I Promise to develop more professional looking GUI(Graphical User Interface) In upcoming version. Trust me this is very hard thing to do with Java ME (Mobile development platform)

Date-converter is a java based mobile application which works in Multi platform of java based phones including Nokia, Sony Ericson,  Samsung, Blackberry,  LG,  Motorola,  Siemens and etc.  It is mainly focused for Nokia. If you face any problem with other platform please let me know. I will try to provide you working application within 24 hours.
and many other java enabled phones. The main purpose of this software is to provide useful feature to peoples regarding date conversions.

How? The Concept.

This feature exists in my very successful website But the time i need this tool was ridiculous.   I was at Kathmandu with my relative, Some governmental works. We needed to converse Nepali date to English. I hung out in search of cyber. Unfortunately there was no electricity. Lately we could convert but it was very late. The office was closed. I guess the next day was something like public holiday? I don’t remember exactly. But due to one date conversion i wasted my important 3 days. So later i thought to make something like date converter in mobile? And this is my small try to help you guys. Time is short and hope this software helps you in any part of your life and remove troubles like i faced. This is not much concerned thing but when we need this, that is really irritating thing to do.


Here are the screenshots.
Main screen

This is the main screen with menu’s to choose what action to perform?

This is after choosing Nepali to English or vice versa date conversion.

This is the response converted date.

This is about page. From main screen

Menu, Clicking home will take you to main first screen.


How it works?

Download the jar version from download center. Link is available at last of this post. Install it to your mobile device. You Can see date-converter software installed. Open it. As you see in above screenshots. Choose the menu and provide the date. You will get the converted date accordingly. Since this application needs internet access After clicking to Convert please wait for sometime until software fetches data.  If you couldn’t run this application then please let me know. Please comment here with the error that you face along with your mobile device name. So it will help me to solve your problem and provide you working application. In some mobile the soft keys might not work. So try using number keys. If it still doesn’t work please let me know. Since different platform have different key-codes some keys might not work in some phones. I will love to provide you another application just adding more key functionalities.

Request To All

Please if you like/dislike or if you have any comments then leave your valuable comments. It will help me to develop more free software’s for you all. I will be happy if you can share this website URL and software’s in various social networking website’s and promote Nepali software’s. To keep in touch with me you can like me in my Facebook page which is at right side of this post.


I Completed this application in around 15 days. In html & php its 5 minute work but in this platform quite complex.  It is part of j2me(java) development. I used Netbeans 7.0.1 to develop this application. This application uses canvas and need midp 1.0+ to run. Tested in E71, E61, 6300.

Updated (2011/12/21)

Updated. Menu bug has been fixed. It works in all nokia and other phones. If still you face any error please report me. Thanks for everyone who reported the bug. Download from below the updated version.
Lets Promote Nepali Software’s And Nepali Developers


Click Here to go to Download page.

You can also download directly from your mobile device. Browse from your phone browser.



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