Sunday January 1, 2012 15:22

How To Remote Control Other Computers?

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Sound interesting? Do you want to control other computer from your computer?
Yes you can do it and it is very easy. This is very useful for banks, schools etc. And you can easily see what other peoples are doing in other computers live !


        • You need a computer.
        • You need Wide area network(Internet) in your computer.
        • You need a software.
        • You need both computers online.

You need to download software in both computer named Teamviewer. You can download it from Install it in both computers. After successful installation you can signup. Suppose you are away from home and you want to track your home pc. You need teamviewer installed.  In your teamviewer account you can add other accounts and have access to them.  Add home pc account to your account and you can access it. Remember not to forget the password. After you successfully connected new screen will pop up. That will show you the screen of home pc. Now you can use it and do anything inside it. You can see what other people is doing in that computer.

Hope it helped you. This is really interesting thing to do and fool your friends acting like some magical performance. LOL.


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