We Could Stop Vehicles Theft In Nepal But I Am Machinery Paranoid

Well , The topic itself explains a lot? Recently my relatives got their bikes stolen. The must funny thing is many peoples get their motorbikes stolen from public places like Nepal telecom offices, Banks, And etc. So what are we doing to stop this? Have you ever thought one day your bike will also be stolen? & how embarrassing will you feel? Have you ever tried thinking to stop this things? Or you just imagine for police reporting after the bike is stolen?

I tried

Recently i wasted my two weeks on making something like this. Busy two weeks with something crazy. I have about 1 GPS integrated phone and 2 others not integrated. This all can be possible via GPS. In two weeks i made one small mobile software.  The software can send me the location of mobile phone anytime i want. After i send one SMS command to that phone it could send me its Latitude and Longitudinal coordinates automatically. I guess that was not good idea to keep expensive mobile inside bikes hidden. Even if i did it not all the peoples can afford a GPS integrated phones for motorbike.  And other non GPS phones couldn’t help me even with this things. The developer environment is very limited in working in other platforms. Sometimes they are beyond of our expectations and logic’s. And after that i wondered what if we can make separate devices with separate small OS that help us finding the locations. This things are already done by developed countries like US and other. But when we? We need to depend on other countries even for a needle? How long? Or the talents will always get forced to migrate to other countries? We could make it happen but we are machinery paranoid. We cant invest on such things. I even tried for other options then GPS, i,e. Cell ID. Cell ID is unique number which help to determine the tower the mobile is connected to. I even made small application for finding tower Cell ID. But integrating it in non GPS s40 phones was like i need to sign my application to network operators & that is something which will not happen. But we dont need to sign such s60 applications. Integrating with GPS is far more better for exact location rather then cell ID because In most s60 phones GPS is integrated.

Government can really stop vehicles theft.

When the thing comes to the Government. They really can do this. They can integrate small GPS chips in every vehicles number plate or somewhere else which can uniquely identify the vehicle. And we can trace every vehicles around. This would be better then searching for a motorbike after stolen knowing that “you will never get it back”.

Application and source codes

If you want this application then please do let me know with a good reason you want it. This might be destructive even so i am not willing to share it so easily. The application can send you coordinates or unique tower Cell ID of the mobile. It depends on your platform too.

Other idea related to GPS & Cell ID.

Government can invest on making mobile applications for various platform in order to attract tourists help them finding the locations. Like in mobile application can show the maps they are in. The tourists spots landmarks, Hotels , Lodges nearby etc, The traveling direction and distance from landmarks. Even if the tourist is not aware of some good places on the way atleast the application can let them know some good places around and they can hang out around more. This will definitely increase the rate of money tourist spends.

This can be used by various home delivery systems. People can order pizzas and other fast foods via their mobile. And they don’t need to give the location. With the help of GPS the fast foods can be delivered.

This one is western and unique idea but it also can be integrated in racing’s to know the  position, landmarks, distance, speed time etc.

We can use it for security purpose. Example : If a house caught fire and due to some other emergencies the siren rings. We can integrate GPS there and police can reach the place fast and easily. Like if the house siren rings the location should beep in police security system maps.

It can be useful finding lost, theft mobiles too via GPS or The same application i made can be integrated in phones to find its Cell ID. But again it is hard to find the which place is located with that unique Cell ID code. In this case Network operators can provide associated Cell ID location database but again this ain’t gonna happen.

For all this there are some really working good applications around. You might want to try. You can download google maps in your mobile device and find the locations and maps around. This application is quite useful.

At last i want to say we can beat anyone with technology and appropriate use of resources. Lets make use of it. :)

Author: pradeep

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