Samhali Rakhey Yo Maan- My First Song, Audio & Video Shoot

Samhali Rakhey Yo Maan Angalnechu Farkera

Sangali Rakhey Dukha Linechu Feri Farkera

Tadha Jadaichu, Tadha Jadaichu, Tadha Jadaichu

Being realistic its been around 3 years i am learning to play guitar. According to the time its like little progressive in music field. After +2 i had a gap of one year.I needed to gap due to some personal problems not academic. I was previously preparing to study in india. Around a half an year ago i felt like composing a song. For few days i was like playing the major chords C, F, G, C in guitar. And after long practise i was able to compose this song. I went kathmandu and meet some really good music junior stars and they were also about to release their album. I played my song and they loved it. That was my first source of inspiration because i had never played and sang in public neither any other peoples. Due to some works i came back to butwal and got stucked in banda and couldnt return back to Kathmandu. I had really less time and days to depart to india were very near. But their was one willingness inside me to sing a song and leave. Composition was ready and i sang it in front of my friends and told them my concept. They liked it and promised to help me. After than i met Basan shrestha. (Basan shrestha is my guru. I like his songs and his personality. He taught me how to catch guitar, how to pluck strings, how to learn guitar etc.) I went to megahertz studio of butwal taking this song. There were the stuio members Manoj khadka, Rupesh Shrestha and Basan bro. My friend sudan bhandari was also there. I played this song in front of them and they liked it. And we had an deal to record anarrange the music. On july 11th i had date for recording. And finally the song was recorded. After that me and my friends sudan bhandari, abishek gyawali and rajan neupane discussed about video shoot and manage all the things taking from model, camerman to directors etc. On 14th july 2012 we had video shoot. We had lot of fun there. The first experience of mine facing camera and giving facial expression was tough. I donot know how i acted but i learnt many things. I dont hope for the damn good video this time but definately i learnt a lot to make next video’s better. So this all studio and shooting experience went very well. This was what i was dreaming all day and night where i was alone and lonely and composed this song. I had no college to go, no friends to hanng out. Everyone were busy and i was so busy to my computers and internet with work that i couldnt give time to my more friends. As a result i became just an option of a friend to them. This was the best idea i was thinking to come out of this things. And hang out, make more friends. Finally i am ok this days and i donot have much interest in internet though i get pocket money and gained a lot of knowledge. I do my work timely but i dont explore any more. Happy because this all things happened. Behind this there are lots of emotional personal scenes and i worked very hard. I have no idea whether this hard try is enough to make me loveable by all and people love my song. And there is about 3-4 days left with me to go to india fro further studies. I wish i could make this song familier to maximum peoples so that i could give another compose best after i come back to my city in gaps. I hope you all guys are with me. Trust me i wont let you down. Help me. I dont force you if you dont like my songs. But if it even touches 1% part of your heart then please atleast help me to promote. Share among with friends.

The video is shooted and it will take few time for editing. I wont be here to see my own video but i am so thankful for my friends who are ready to help me. I will never ever forget you guys.

Nasatnu Maya Malai Birsera, Bichodma Tadpinchu

Kuri Basnu Purano Thau Auchu Ma Angalnechu

Eklowpanalai, Eklowpaanalai, Eklowpaanaalaii..

I will be back very soon. This song will be released in Tv/ Fm/ Internet within 1-2 Weeks. Hope everyone will love my music , Vocal and video. Please watch promo video of this song below :

Author: pradeep

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