About Me

I am Pradeep Sapkota. I look like a normal guy and i am even. I feel i look like a buggy person ? Never mention. Well, Lets explain from root.


I Started my education from Baglung district. I was admitted to New shine Star Boarding School. Class Nursery 1,2 i studied in same school. I could never became first in this period of three years and neither a third. After that we migrated to Wami Taksar of Gulmi District. Studied for class 3 in Malika English Boarding School. Same fortune, Again my position was second. Well, No more. We travelled to Butwal when i was at class 4. Lets not talk about my position now? I was admitted to Oxford Higher Secondary School. I passed class 4,5,6 & 7 with this institution. This four years were good enough. Great friends, lovely teachers. I think this sessions taught me not to get stucked with same thing for a long. I migrated to next school (New Horizon Higher Secondary School). Well this was tough. Learnt many things from this school. I experienced love for the first time at class eight. It was secret and even it is. Lets skip it? Keep the privacy.
I passed my SLC examination from New horizon higher secondary school with 85%.
I learnt many things from this days. My childhood was awesome. But unknowingly i fall into this world. How i started falls into this schooling period.

Virtual gang-war and starting of my passion.

Teachers taught me computers? Who cares? i knew HTML codes at class 7. What the hell i do with those? I scored good marks at computers and programming. But do that entertain? I got addicted to mig33 since grade 7. We had gangs, x-gang was mine. well one day our anti gang made website and listed their members and tips, tricks. How the hell he did that ? i had no idea. But sometime i don’t probably loose. I had no PC that time. Whole night i just searched how that website was made? It was around 3 PM. Finally i discovered a registration of sub-domain. I registered mig33xgang.wen.ru. This domain still exists. I listed my gang members name. This day i was really proud that i was good at html and coding stuffs at class though i was very careless about it. This way this things started. As i went on developing the site more. I started liking it. I started exploring more good stuffs. There are lots of things hidden in this course. Those days were really interesting. After class 10 i started one website in .com with my brother along with all those experiences of those last 3 years. It is much successful website. I learnt a lot from it. and i gave a lot too.

My College life

I studied in New horizon college for two years with science subject. Those days were great.I got something precious in my college life though i lost it back because it was no more precious. I studied very less and work a lot. I remember those days, Some of them were really challenging. Lots of days i bunked my college for work. Many days i just attained college without a sleep, I use to sleep after i came back to home, Whole day. My result was not so satisfactory. Well i don’t care my theoretical knowledge. In the meantime i built my first mobile software. I worked for one mobile software company and made mobile games like snakes, checkers, lovemeter etc. I met really some interesting peoples. I formed my own company to work for software’s and web designing in my college days.

Establishment of my company

I just thought up. We have some working skills then why not we try to become professionals? I guess that was one of my correct decision so far. In the starting development of lovingnepal.com my brother traveled to UK. In the mid i met some interesting smart peoples. I liked them joining with me. One of them was Sandeep kc. I met him in Mig33 around 2008. I came to know later that he was my brother’s friend. Now we are very good friends and we work together. My brother name is Prakash Sapkota. He have lots of contributions. Gokarna kharel, He is also my relative and a good marketing person. Sudan Bhandari, He is also a good marketer and my old fren, classmate. Nav Malla, He is a photographer. Manoj Bhandari, Good adviser. I just thought up to combine and we together formed a company and started working together.

Programming languages

I can work with java,php,javascript,html,ajax,mysql,j2me & etc. I aim to learn what comes my way!

My Hobbies

My topmost hobby is to spend my time with my computer, mobile and gadgets. I am big fan of music. I somehow manage to sing. I love playing guitar. I am joining guitar classes even. I am damn fan of music. I love programming and create some stupid software’s and scripts. I really love writing poems and story scripts. And transform them to videos. I love gathering with my friends, attending parties. I am fund of riding bikes. Well, i am no more a rough rider.


My Aim is to became….. an yeahhhh you guessed it correct? Software engineer. And it doesn’t matter what we choose ? Something really matters is what we can do and will do.

Purpose of this website.

As beginning is always hard for programmers so i would love to help all those begineers posting useful tips. Atleast i can share my source codes. That will probably make begineers very easy. I know how much hard it is? Because i am not academically professional programmer and there was not a single person to guide me.
I want to start my own PALM Technology via this website. I will explain it later with time being.
I will share open source free software’s that will really help us to make our life easier.
And last.. at least i want some peoples can reach me via this WAN.

If you want to know more about me. Please feel free to contact me.

Don’t mind for my error in English ! I really don’t care. Atleast i can leave this bug unsolved. :)