What programming language should i learn in 2018?

I often get this question. What programming language should i learn? Which programming language earns you the most income? Which one is way cooler? and so on. But the real question one should ask is

Do i really love programming? Am i passionate about solving real world problems through technology?

If you choose programming as a source of making nice income then right there, my friend, You don’t have to continue any further reading this article. Trust me programming is not for you.

Still there? Your curiosity is getting you somewhere in the future. Let me feed your curiosity with my story.
I started programming when i was at class 8, Some opponent community on a virtual app called mig33 made a website, Listed their members user ids and details. I had to do that. It took me whole night to figure it out, At almost 4 AM i figured it all out, Staring at my mobile screen whole night, Listed my members details, Went to school in the morning, Slept on desk, Asked my friends to tell the teacher i was sick, and to let me sleep. After i returned back home, Something new happened, A red text written “Welcome to the gang’s website” was scrolling from the right of my mobile screen to the left. Damn! and again i had to do that. That is how it all started.

It takes more than a desire to program, It takes passion, hard work, higher level of curiosity and endless no sleep nights.  In between i worked with everything i could get my hands on, php, java, JavaScript, python etc. Sometimes for money, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to make an impact in people’s lives, Very long story in between, Lets save it for later and travel to 2018, I realized i was not getting anywhere. I was jack of all trades but king of none. Then and there, I stopped my freelancing career and decided to move to capital city and i chose JavaScript for various reasons.  Enough of my story. I really admire you, You almost made it through the boring part. Now let me get back to the topic.

To tell you the truth, There is no any best programming language. What you should learn is not a programming language but the principles to code, algorithms and etc. It is the logics that makes you a good programmer not the language you choose. Enough of that, Let’s get in, more deeper.

The programming language you learn should depend on the career goals you have. If you are looking to enter Data Science, for instance, Python is a strong foundation for most job opportunities. If you are searching for a job at a large tech company, Java and C are safer bets, as these languages are more versatile in their use and applications. On the opposite end, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails are perfect if you’re in search of the fast-paced culture of a startup.

After i came to capital city, I admitted myself to a reading room. I knew i couldn’t prepare in a hotel room. I followed 2 articles, which landed me a job within a month. Go through it in details. Good luck.



“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler





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